The Raw The Real

I try not to be overfitting 🙂   



De Profundis – Rozszczepianie Wszechświatów

An explosion of pure creativity…   Desintergration of the Universe

Explosions of millions of suns … 



The Fool

This Arcana speaks for itself.

But if I were to elaborate… Themes of travel   7


Artist Studio #1

Surreal psychological drama of the Artist in his studio       5



Reflection (Spokój)

 this abstract work revolves around the idea of inner calm or “Peace” that comes from deep meta-cognitive reflection on the nature of the flow of emotions. Purity in catharsis.


The Boy

The boy explores theme of maturity in its different and often divergent contexts.  Innocent, caring, creative crazy but careful now!  You might be in for more that you’ve expected.




This image is very personal for me.  It is the first from “The life of the Stencil” series of images.  The stencil in and of itself fascinates me because the expression of its humanness or human likeness is very evocative of human experience in general.  Themes of vulnerability and beauty merge here as the artist explores total vulnerability and thusly reaches the great abyss almost swallows him whole.

Astarte Rising

A very sexual and contemplative painting…  so far it’s been hard to find anyone who can understand the imagery and symbolism of this astarte image.

Full Circle (Oczko)

This is the pond of my childhood where I grew up.

Good 'Ole Szczecin

The Long Bridge

This is the historical “long” bridge of Szczecin.  Most of the buildings on the right, the big ugly chimney have either have had been demolished or rebuild/repurposed 


This is the image of Poland after I made a move to Europe in 2022

The Venal Muse

She is a clown!  Just a fucking clown…

The Wounded One

This Shaman works by creating healing images that are really but the dawn of peace…

Unter Der Glassdecke

Living in Canada always felt like the glass ceiling was a bit too high.

Zaszczepianie Idei

I really hope that paintings do not need explanations but rather speak for themselves.

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